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About us

Welcome  to  the  family  of  Asian Martial Arts Games Committee (AMAGC), Official Continental Unit of World  Martial  Arts Games Committee (WMAGC).  As a leading world martial arts group, we are in the privileged position to bring organization, strength, evolution and community to your athletes, members and customers through a family flair community.

WMAGC provides its members with unique sport development opportunities, practical support programs, events, education and the opportunity to network with the international sport community at the highest of levels. 

We hope that you and your organization will become part of the growing WMAGC family.  Together we are aiming for a united martial arts world and together we are strong.

This unique platform was founded in 2005 by Alfred Kleinschwaerzer (GER) and Ken Marchtaler (CAN). .

Martial Arts Disciplines/ Events - 

Sparring Division -
Point Sparring 
Continuous Sparring 
Semi-Contact Sparring 
Light-Contact Sparring 

Forms Division - 
Empty Hand Forms (Okinawese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese & Modern)
Weapon Forms (Okinawese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese & Modern)
Musical Forms
X-treme Forms
Creative Forms
Synchronized Forms

Grappling Division -
Strike & Grappling 

Breaking Division -
Traditional Breaking
Creative Breaking

Weapons Division - 
Short Weapons 
Long Weapons 

​Self Defense Division -
Real Self Defense
Creative Self Defense
Team Self Defense